PRESENTLY REQUIRED FOR HOTELS (Office Buildings in the near future).

Mandatory Attachments

1. TM-1 (latest revision) and filing fee.
2. One CD with all mandatory drawings (Site Plan, Floor Plans, Standpipe/Sprinkler Riser Diagram.
    Format: dwg or dwf.)
3. One copy of Hotel Format Appendix A-1. (paper submission)
4. One copy of Hotel Brigade Appendix A-1 Table 1. (paper submission)
5. One copy of Hotel Quantity of Occupants Appendix A-1 Table 2. (paper submission)
6. One copy of Hotel IBRA Routes Appendix A-1 Table 3. (paper submission)
7. One copy of Hotel IBRA Appendix A-1 Table 4. (paper submission)
8. One copy of Hotel FSD Staff Designation Appendix A-1 Attachment 1. (paper submission)
9. One copy of Hotel DFSD Staff Designation Appendix A-1 Attachment 2 for Hotel. (paper submission)
10. One copy of Hotel BIC Format Appendix B-1, size 11x17, and two sided. (paper submission)
11. One copy of Hotel Building Profile Appendix D. (paper submission)
12. One copy of Copy of the most recent Certificate of Occupancy or copy of valid Temporary Certificate
     of Occupancy or copy of Schedule A. Copy to include all pages of the document.
     (paper submission). Additionally, copy of Letter of Acceptance for Fire Alarm System.

If you wish to prepare your own FSP, the above documents are available at the FDNY web site.

If you would like a Proposal from us to prepare your FSP using the new Format, please contact us via phone at 1-888-793-7329; or by e-mail

If we can be of any help, please contact me via e-mail.

Jerry Strollo